Your first question; What is this blog all about?

You know those times when you're all alone and thoughts go through your mind, and you only wish you had someone to talk to about them. Or perhaps you think you're quite the poet and wish you could carry around a voice recorder to catch yourself in your best moments when you think out loud about what's really going through your mind. Well this is the next best thing... for me.
I'll express, confess, make some sense, make hardly any sense, leave you thinking, leave you breathless, leave you asking 'why did I waste my time,' or asking 'why have i not heard of this lonely little man before.' We're lacing up our sneakers and going for a jog, just to see where we might end up.

All in all, this is to put words to the complex musings being tossed from side to side in this head of a God-fearing man. Take care and enjoy.