As some of you may know, I will be heading off to camp May 2nd until the end of the summer. For the next two months I will be working on Spring Crew at Camp Mini-Yo-We, this is a program where 20 college age students get together to prepare the camp property for the summer as well as host the Spring guest groups. Then for the summer I will be taking on the position of Boys Camp Ministry Director for my second year.

I’m pretty excited for both of these experiences, but along with them comes great responsibility, dedication and lack of internet time. I am telling you all of this to let you know that the blog posts of Ben Pavey will be scarce from here on in. I will be busy, and although I will have plenty to say, I won’t be able to post as much as I’d like to.
So, here’s to you, the reader. Through the think and the thin you’ve been reading my blogs. Whether you read just one and closed the window, read a couple here and there, or have followed along extensively for the past few months, I hope you have learned something. Maybe you’ve just had a glimpse into my world, maybe I’ve helped you to look deeper inside your life practices, and perhaps my words have effected you to the point of realization that you need to change a few things in your own life.
Whatever it may be that you’ve taken from my blogs, I want to thank you. Thanks for visiting, thanks for reading, and thank you for being anonymous friends that have let me share my thoughts and struggles with you.

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Anonymous said...

I miss your writing, Ben! Please find a computer and update us on the adventures of your life.