It was not what you would expect it to be… and I’m dreading to write this as to what kind of example I am setting for those younger and how those older than me will give me plenty of lectures regarding my stupid decisions, but I want to share it anyway because it was great.

So you need to picture all of this in your mind, because I’m going to try and paint it exactly how it happened. I was driving in to work and Josh was in the passenger seat. We were just driving down the middle lane, not in the smart car but in his families other bigger vehicle, minding our own business. All of a sudden a police car passes us in the left hand lane. He’s wasn’t going too fast but obviously fast enough to pass us, and he didn’t have his lights on. So I thought, well I think I’m just going to follow behind him a bit. We’ve all wondered it, ‘if we follow a cop who isn’t in pursuit, at the fast speed that he is going at, we can’t get in trouble can we? Why I felt like testing this theory, I don’t know, but I decided to go for it. So I hit my left blinker and turned in to the far left hand lane. I kept a good two car distance between us as we continued to just mosey along our drive listening to our music. The cop eventually began to drive considerably slower, so I just slowed down not thinking too much of it, and remained on his tail. Josh and I were talking, not watching the road much, and the next thing I knew, the cop car had sped up and was way ahead of me! Well, this was just no good. So I put my foot to floor to try and catch up to him. I pretty sure he was testing me, somehow he knew my plans. As you can assume, by the time I caught up with him, we were definitely going well over the speed limit. We were both racing the left side of the highway as the other cars passed by in blurs of colors and all I could think was how crazy and stupid this was, but something inside of me made me continue.

So, I’m in pursuit of this cop, trying my best to stay on his tail, I don’t know why I was so confident that he didn’t know I was right behind him, because all of a sudden he pulled over in to the middle lane, squeezing between two cars. Now what! Where do I go? Do I follow him in to the middle lane clearly stating that I was in fact following him, or do I avoid the obvious and try to discreetly drive right past him? It was quite the predicament, one in which I had to decide within seconds. So I went with driving right past him, trying to slow down as much as possible. As we whipped by the cop with my foot on the brake, Josh was wide eyed and jaw dropped, not believing I just purposely sped past a cop. No harm was done, the cop remained in the middle lane and I kept going… for about two-seconds. All of sudden he pulls in to the left lane again directly behind me! Now I’m really getting nervous, my palms are sweating like crazy and I’m yelling at Josh. Josh turned around and after seeing the cop on our tail just burst out laughing, he couldn’t believe it. I knew I had crossed the line and had to evade this pursuit, so I kept driving until there was an open spot between two other vehicles for me to pull back into the middle lane to allow the cop to drive right past me and on to his next victim. Well, he seemed to have other plans. I managed to pull over in to the center lane, but as I was slowing down he crept up beside me in the left lane, but instead of continuing past, he decided to coast right there, directly beside me. Oh man, it was so hard not to smile. I kept my cool though. I just kept my eyes on the road and pretended as if I had no idea he was there. But the cop definitely knew that I knew he was there… how? Well I’m pretty sure that Josh laughing hysterically, swinging his whole body back and forth, wiping the tears from his eyes, and continuously telling me that the police officer was staring directly at me was a dead giveaway. But I wasn’t going to make eye contact with him. My heart was beating like crazy, what a rush! The adrenaline was is a constant flow. I was invincible, I was the law out there, I was the man… I was stupid… it was a very bad decision. As much fun as it was, it was not wise, I know that. And I think this is what the cop was trying to tell me. But it was still a good time. So the cop coasting beside me, trying to stare me down for at least 30 seconds, then he finally gave up and sped up and left my sight, allowing me to catch my breathe, calm down, and safely arrive at my work to tell the story to all my co-workers. I wish you all a very happy and safe day!

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Logan Enright said...

This is probably the best thing I have heard so far this year, I was telling people at my school about it.

wish I was there.