I've been following around some interesting organizations lately. I heard a statistic the other week referring to the many organizations that are being created and sending group members on mini mission trip-type expeditions to particular places in Canada that need help the most. Not to my surprise, the top two locations where teams are being sent are Vancouver, BC and Hamilton, ON.
I simply want to make you aware of a couple organizations that are on the rise that are doing some great work all over.

The first is MissionYear. It is designed for young adults, age 17-29, to go live and work for a year in a poor, urban American neighbourhood, partnering with a local church, volunteering at a social service agency, and spending time with neighbours. They spend an entire year eating, sleeping, and working with the same 6+ team members. You can check out this commitment to drop everything and serve with whole-hearted love at www.missionyear.org.

The second is Starving Jesus. This is a movement headed up by two founders of XXXChurch.com [an anti-porn website designed to help people with their addiction to pornography] urging Christians to get up out of the church pew and do something. It began as a book, which turned into a 40-day tour of fasting and travelling to a different city each day, which has been recorded and is expected to become a documentary in the Spring of 2007. Learn about the movement that will challenge to stand up and walk the walk at www.starvingjesus.com and www.xxxchurch.com.

The third is NieuCommunities. This organization is for people who are ready to go beyond where they’ve been and change the trajectory of their lives. They set out communities, similar to the above MissionYear, every year to pursue God relentlessly, to allow their faith and character to be transformed in the crucible of community, and to submerge into the cultures around them and make a difference in people’s lives. They also offer 1-2 week mission trips which they prefer to call 'Road Trips,' and here's why:
~On a missions trip you go to help people. On a road trip you come to be with people.
~On a missions trip you go to speak. On a road trip you come to listen.
~On a missions trip you go to see the world. On a road trip you come to better understand the world.
~On a missions trip you go to accomplish something. On a road trip you come to be transformed.
Learn more about NieuCommunities on www.nieucommunities.org.

And the last organization to inform you about is Invisible Children. This was headed up by three young guys who knew nothing but felt a calling to learn about the children in Uganda. These invisible children travel in the night, hide in the shadows and risk their lives each and every day just to survive. These guys have some amazing things to share with you. A documentary DVD, bracelets made by children in Uganda, and a movement that will rock you. Learn about their incredible stories at www.invisiblechildren.com.

And that's it for now, I hope you can take some time out of your busy schedule of surfing, msn chatting, illegal music downloading, and facebook viewing to check out and support these fantastic organizations.

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