I’m going to display a lighter side here, I hope that this one doesn’t contradict too much with the comment Amanda posted on my last blog. So, let’s take a look at those nasty little squares that appear on one’s face… sparkles. How do they get there? I was working my evening shift tonight, and as I took a moment from the busyness of customer pick-ups, I washed my hands and looked at myself in the mirror. And to my dismay, there appeared this sparkle, on my face, directly beneath my right eye. How the heck did that get there!? How did that stupid little shiny object make its way onto my face? How long has that been there? Were the girls talking to me a minute ago, while laughing hysterically inside? How embarrassing.

I know you know the sparkles I’m talking about. It may be a little more understandable if you are a female and wear this make-up full of colours and sparkles everyday… those are intentional, and I get that these things can spread throughout the day. But unless you’re a guy getting more in touch with your feminine side on your own time and forget to clean up completely, I don’t know how else they get there. And what are they exactly? And how is it that they show up at some of the most inopportune moments? And how come they are so difficult to remove? How do they stick so well, causing you to have to rub your cheek for minutes, only for you to discover an hour later that it was never completely removed and is now located on your chin?

Sparkles… just another one of life’s great mysteries.

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