I don’t like, that I like it, so I like to try not to like it, too often. That’s how I would explain how I feel about American Idol.

It’s funny, yes. They have talented singers, yes. But why do we laugh so much at it? Why do we call in family members or friends to rush into the room to look at the current person attempting to sing? Why can we not contain our kicks and giggles when Simon casts sarcastic belittling remarks in the direction of a young adult trying their hardest to gain some recognition to what they believe to be a great voice? Is it safe to assume that we have all laughed one of the people on this show, whether they are for real or are purposely doing their best to resemble Napoleon Dynamite or his one-screw-too-loose sidekick Pedro?

If you agree with an older blog of mine, which I don’t expect everyone to, regarding Our Representation of God, and do your best not to mock, talk behind someone’s back, or belittle someone else to make yourself seem more superior, intelligent, or talented; then why do we find ourselves so quick to burst into laughter at a ‘loser’ on the television. They brought it upon themselves when they signed up for the show. They’re definitely faking it, they aren’t really that ridiculous. Just listen to his voice when he talks, you can’t help but laugh. Did you hear Simon’s smart remark to that, he’s so quick. Have you said these things in defence when watching? Is that what you’re saying in your head right now? What example are we setting for those around us? We are meant to live a life striving to resemble Christ, but how do we expect to even come close to accomplishing this by laughing hysterically at someone else’s expense? One contestant begins speaking but is wearing tight clothes and has a high-pitched lisp, suddenly someone yells out, ‘This guy is so gay, you have to come watch this, he’s hilarious!’ Are you kidding me? Another contestant walks in, states that he was recommended to come on the show by some friends who saw some potential in him, but he doesn’t sing too well and Simon calls out, ‘That was the worst performance I’ve ever seen. That didn’t even sound human, you should have never come here. This was such a waste of time.’ And we laugh. What the heck? Is this what we’ve become? Is this entertainment? Are we supporting this? This guys dreams of accomplishing anything musical has been crushed by one man, while supported by millions of viewers. Next time you turn on your television for American Idol, think about what you’re watching. Watch it if you feel fine watching it, but please, be mindful of how you react and respond to some of the contestants. I am equally as guilty, I still laugh at times too, but try not to belittle them any much more then they’ve already been, or at least choose your words wisely when verbalizing your opinions and constructively criticize them. And encourage and support those you see potential in, as well as those who don’t seem to have a chance at any kind of singing career. Think about it.

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